“We must never forget what Republicans did to our nation, taking our savings, devaluing our homes, and downgrading our economy. We must never forgive Republicans for what they have taken from all of us.”

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- It’s raw, its damn fed-up. It will reach out of the screen and grab you, and if you’re a Republican, you’ll get a bloody nose quicker than you can hit the back button. And a warning to liberals: I’m kinda mean sometimes, and you might cry.

- The Occupy Page

- See a full-view perspective of how the Occupy and other movements around the world are transforming social, economic, and political systems at their most fundamental levels, and how the movement is within each of us in the things we do every day to make our world a more honest, fair, beautiful, and loving place.

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- Read the core arguments around which we can all articulate our own thinking, focus our leadership, and speak effectively on today's critical issues.

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- Read more as this continuing series of articles addresses the hot topics of 2012.

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