Primal Journeys

  Primal Journeys, produced by Jean-Pierre Crisan in fall 2011, is a series of four worldmusic soundscapes that are reflections from the free center of human existence. They are a pathway that take us back to a time when life was new and simple, a time before cities when we were all kin of the family that began human life in our world. A time when our identity was our spirit that glowed around us. Today, we struggle to find that gentle glow that has hidden within us amidst the profusion of what humanity has come to be. With this music, relax and let all thoughts of today dissolve away into a vast universe, and follow one man’s journey into the center of ourselves.

1 Tibetan Wind Bells (16Mb 320kbps MP3)
2 Lakota Spirits (20Mb 320kbps MP3)
3 Primal Rain Trance (33Mb 320kbps MP3)
4 Setonaikai Tranquility (92Mb 320kbps MP3)
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Dream Traveler

1 Air Scape (1Hr VBR MP3)
2 Train Scape (1Hr VBR MP3)
3 Space Scape (1.5Hr VBR MP3)

  I am always looking for new and exciting vistas of thought and awareness, so I produced these tracks to break free of the everyday world, and to soar into places of imagination and adventure in my dreams.

  Air Scape is a jet flight, starting with the chatter of pilots and passengers, with the exhilaration of takeoff, then the hypnotic roar of the engines to carry you to boundless exploration.

  Train Scape is a nostalgic sojourn by rail, beginning in a busy and cheerful station. Then the powerful locomotive slowly builds speed to carry you with mesmerizing rhythm in wooden coaches to take you to, perhaps an old luxury mountain inn, or to wherever your imagination wants to go.

  Space Scape is a more complex musical composition, and reaches for deeper and more universal dreams. You look at your entire life, from childhood, travel beyond all that you understand, and then are delivered to the comfort and familiarity of your childhood innocence, to then start your journey in our world with renewed inspiration.

Good Words

You Are Wonderful (4.6Mb MP3)
You Are Wonderful, 30 minute meditation (72Mb, MP3)
Our Love (2.4Mb MP3)
Invisible Man (2.1Mb MP3)

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