The American Pledge of Patriotism

Jean-Pierre Crisan, author

I hereby pledge:

That I shall uphold the provisions of the Constitution of The United States of America, that I shall always have close at hand a copy and be familiar with our Constitution, and as well that I should have an understanding beyond its basic provisions of its salient interrelationships and legal foundations, and as well to be able to quote its most important parts and their meanings.

I shall, in deeds, writing, and vocally, proficiently and factually defend our Constitution and our common values and educate others who may be lacking in its understanding, including the active and vociferous reaction to all things said or written in the press and media or by groups or corporations that contravene our values or common interest or that use irrational, ideological, vitriolic, or divisive language to advance factional interests.

I shall be active and vocal in our political processes to work towards the election of candidates who uphold our Constitution and our common and united values, and who set aside their personal, religious, cultural, ideological, or regional differences in favor of working for the interests of our nation as a whole.

I shall educate myself in our history, and as well in the effective writing and speaking in our English language and in its effective use in logical and factual debate following proper rules of argument.

I shall work to attain several skills in my abilities and interests, to strive to better myself, and always place myself in wholesome and useful work that contributes to the good of our nation as well to provide myself with a fruitful life lived proudly and honestly.

I pledge that our nation should stand as a shining beacon in our world, standing for the highest values and virtues of humankind, of fairness, honesty, openness and progress; of intellectual and scientific exploration, discovery and vision. To develop an educated, knowing citizenry active in the affairs of our governance and society.

The accumulation of laws.

I assert that our nation should review all laws for their relevance and proper purpose, and any law enacted should be fundamentally and closely bound by our constitution with the avoidance of far flung Constitutional definitions or interpretations; that all but the most obviously necessary laws should expire within a reasonable time so that their need can be re-evaluated. Laws should be fair, clearly and simply written to command respect by all and to avoid judicial review or challenge.

I assert that we should repeal all firearms laws, regarding only the Second Amendment, leaving only provisions to prevent the use of firearms by violent criminals and madmen.

I assert that laws enacted under the Commerce Clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution.) , and the Elastic Clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 18) should relate only closely to their necessary function and not reach for legislative power far beyond their purview.

I assert that corporations, as chartered by the individual states, are bound to specific purposes that serve our nation and its people, that they hold no position of dominion above their service to the people, and the adherence to the provisions and intent of our Constitution overarches the interests of their officers or shareholders.

I assert that our Federal Government, as well the governments of our States and municipalities, should strive to attain the highest levels of efficiency, and to act in the most minimum possible way to achieve their necessary duties with the least possible interference in the lives of the citizenry.

American Doctrine

I assert our right to act against dictatorial or tyrannical leaders who abuse the inalienable rights of their people or threaten other nations.

I assert that all nations, to be valid and recognizable under international law and trade, should have and adhere to a constitution that guarantees the inalienable rights of its citizens and that they have a fair and open government and judicial system.

I assert that we should denounce and sanction against any nation or state created or ruled primarily on the basis of any single religion or the scriptures thereof.

I assert that our nation, as a significant part of our Earth sphere, has the responsibility as a partner with other nations for the preservation and betterment of our world, not favoring our provincial interests at the expense of others.

My personal commitment

I pledge to contribute my efforts in the spirit of this document, and I agree with all or most of its provisions. Furthermore, I pledge to add my individual efforts and intellect toward its most clear or expanded purpose.

Signed in forthright sincerity,

A Patriotic American.