For over thirty years, the name Jean-Pierre Crisan has been known for the entheusiastic, vigorous and practical approach in helping clients find solutions, create balanced design, and turn ideas into quality finished products.

JP Crisan was born in Montreal, Canada in 1955, came to the Atlanta area in 1968, and was naturalized as a US citizen in 1972.

Education includes Northside High School, Atlanta.  Military officers training, St Patricks Academy, New York, and a Small Business Administration degree with associate industrial arts studies from the University of Georgia. He has also participated in numerous seminars and individual professional training courses on a wide range of subjects.

JP is known also as an adventurist, as an alpine hiker and climber and explorer, sailer, spelunker, gold panner, and aircraft pilot.

His other activities involve the graphic arts and photography, and the startup in 2007 of WildRiver Media, a web development company.


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