My Next Book

  This book will explore the unity of our inner selves with the universe that surrounds us. It is still a swirling cloud of thoughts, pages and Word files of notes, poems, and observations... Something like the following.

  ...It’s black, sometimes with deep blue haze when being electric. Things happen in layers lit up in complex patterns and movements, with flashes of colors, flavors and feelings that are the light. Looking to the lights is a journey that fades into something that grows bigger and expands to become a great filled infinity. Dendritic thought explosion.

  No time, nor up and down. Infinite, yet everything is close at hand. Of absolute truth and harmonious love. Inner home, personal universe. A voice strolls around, reacting, adding, or saying useless things, always interested, expecting something new at any moment. Voice is so clear inside, just there, neutral, in fluid words grabbed from close by.

  This is who I am. I’m not a girl or boy, it doesn’t matter. I have no clothes, but I'm not naked. I float around without thinking about it except in frightening dreams, or on especially electric journeys, where I’m lit up in violet lightspeed. Feel-speak and spaceships are the best way to get around.

  Vast worlds are the construct in which we exist. The vast spaces between atoms, the spaces between thoughts, filled with infinitude. All is, we all are. Resonations come from all parts of the universe... Follow the light.

Stray Thoughts

  Simplicity would be so, if it wasn’t complex, if it wasn’t arrived at by thinking, or by the throwing off of many things, or through the struggles of the arduous search. It is only if it isn’t at all -or to be no more than a contrived and neatly constructed form of nothing.

I like Zen, except for all that Zen stuff.


So where is heaven? We are here. It is our bed as we make it, our garden as we tend it, our world as we love it.


...After all, once you go through the Portal, things are never the same, and you could never go back. I mean, like, you’ve been through the Portal, or you haven’t. Simple.


  What is Fascism? Patriotic, Nationalistic, Conservative, Religious orthodoxy..... H.G Wells, 1927.