Friday's GOTV event in Greensboro was highly successful. Having accomplished the following goals, we are now poised for the BIG event ... Get out the vote in Greene Co. on Election Day! Here's what we did with 12 volunteers:

  • Organized our campaign staging location complete with a phone line and wireless internet access - thanks to Felton Hudson, JP Crisan, and Bradie Speller
  • Executed successful phone banking and door-to-door canvassing with volunteers from Greene, Jackson, and Oconee Counties.
  • Completed online data entry to VoteBuilder at this location from the phoning & canvassing done today.

We demonstrated that it's possible to do what needs to be done for getting out the vote on Election Day. But we are going to need many more than 12 pairs of feet on the ground on Nov 4th. Please sign-up to help by following one or the other, not both, of these links:

Car pool from Watkinsville to Greensboro on Election Day

Or drive directly to Greensboro on Election Day

This will be an unforgettable experience. We can actually make the difference on whether Obama wins Georgia!!!

Link to: Full page map of Greensboro

The Sanctuary

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Green County Voter Registration, Saturday September 27

We had an amazing day with voter registration in Greene Co. today. The amazement was not only that 50+ volunteers registered 135 new voters. It was also in the make-up of the teams we had working in the predominately black neighborhoods and businesses in Greene County. In most instances, the teams were biracial teams united in the common cause of getting a biracial candidate elected President of the USA. Another piece of the amazement was Eris Gaul who was registering folks at the Galaxy grocery store in Union Point. By lunch-time, Eris had already registered 15 people and was out of forms. As of this writing, I don't know what her total was for the day, but I think she probably gets the prize for getting the most registrations completed. Today, I believe we were "standing on the shoulders" of the Freedom Riders who were doing the same thing back in the sixties. One of them, Margaret Leonard, worked along side us today. Margaret was jailed with other Freedom Riders back in the sixties and proved it with police photo taken of her at the time - see attached photo. She now lives in Tallahasee, FL and drove up yesterday to help us in Greene County today. She tells an amazing story. Many thanks to all who volunteered today. Especially thanks to Mr. Felton Hudson who wrote out all of the street assignments and knew which businesses to send us to.

Go Obama! Carl McGrath

Felton Hudson


Margaret Leonard


Who is registered ?

Want to know if a particular person is registered to vote in Georgia? Here is the link to the State website where you can find out. You will need to enter the person's first initial, last name, date of birth, county of residence:
Georgia registered voters


We want to report that Jane called six pages of phone contacts Saturday, and had mostly good responses and some nice conversations. There were a range of opinions, and people seemed to respect the fact that we are making the effort of this personal outreach in our community. Thank you for all your hard work. JP and Jane Crisan


Phone bank at the Sanctuary at 7pm every Tues. and Thurs. Bring your cell or come pick up a call list and call from your favorite location.

Directions: From Main Street in Watkinsville, take Barnett Shoals Road 2 blocks. Turn left and park on 2nd Street. Enter the building at the covered entry on 2nd St. - see map above.